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CBD for Golfers

CBD for Golfers

CBD for Golfers

Learn about benefits, both mental and physical, of CBD for your golf game.

Golf is a notoriously difficult sport where even the professionals experience wide swings in performance.  Did you know that only 10% of professional, competitive shots can be classified as standard1?  Standard in this case means neither an exceptionally good or bad shot. Amateur golfers are known for frequently trying new equipment to reduce the variability in their own shots with the aim of improving their scores.  But, what if you could improve your game with a supplement?  That’s what makes CBD for golfers the next killer app…

Playing good golf can be simplified into a couple components:

  • A golfer’s mental game
  • Your physical game (think of your swing and the ability to recover after a round or practice)
  • Using functional equipment

Let’s leave the equipment aspect out of this discussion and start with how CBD can help a golfer’s mental game.

CBD for Golfers Mental Game

Your tee shot doesn’t necessarily determine the outcome of the hole but nobody steps up to the tee box thinking “this shot doesn’t matter.”  If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking “I need to crush this drive right down the middle- center cut.”  That’s a lot of self-imposed pressure!

CBD can help you rise above that pressure and anxiety of flawless execution and help improve a shot’s outcome by helping the golfer stay present and worry less about their execution!  The ability to do without thinking, or being in the zone or a “flow state2,” is a mental state that many chase (pro tip- don’t chase it.)  CBD won’t necessarily kick you into a flow state but it can help you rise above mental clutter that gets in the way of your swing.

Science shows that the CBD present in our Hemp Extract can provide anxiety reducing benefits3 which provide a sense of calm as you step into the tee box or when you’re grinding over a par-saving putt.  This freedom of execution can help you play to the best of your abilities.

CBD for Golfers

CBD for Golfers Physical Game

Golf can be hard on your body!  I once heard that golf is akin to track and field events like the hammer throw, javelin, etc. except you’re performing 30-40ish (hopefully not too many more!) full swings per round.

All of that unilateral force being exerted can lead to “feeling it” on the mild end to outright soreness after your round or after the driving range.  Did you know that CBD can help golfers with post round inflammation?  Science is beginning to show that cannabinoids (like CBD) can aid with inflammation and the management of chronic pain4.

By taking advantage of the recovery and anti-inflammatory benefits of our hemp extract, you can practice hard, play hard, and recover hard so you can play more golf.

Wrap Up

We can’t promise to shave 5 strokes off your game but we can help reduce some of your mental clutter and provide recovery support so you can play to the best of your ability and hit the links again soon.  Read on for some frequently asked questions or visit our Learn About CBD resource center.

FAQs: CBD for Golfers

CBD will not get you high.  In fact, CBD is growing in popularity on both the Senior and PGA tours and is not causing failed drug tests or stoned golfers.

Both Hemp Extract and CBD were referenced in the article- what’s the difference?  Get an understanding of the important differences in our article The Difference Between Hemp Extract and CBD Oil

How do I use Intent CBD Hemp Extract?  Reference our How to Use article and try an additional dose after you park and before you put your spikes on at the course to optimize your round.

Want to improve your golf game without buying a new driver? Try Intent CBD Hemp Extract Supplement.

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3   The writer acknowledges that public speaking and golf are two distinct domains but there are commonalities, like pressure to perform.

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