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How Hemp Extract Can Help You

How Hemp Extract Can Help You

How Hemp Extract Can Help You

The wide variety of use cases for a hemp extract supplement can make it sound like snake oil… Don’t get bit by this misperception!

Hemp Extract Supplements (and CBD on its own) are building quite the portfolio for the number of ailments they may help treat.  Over the last few years, these products have garnered the most attention for their anti-anxiety and seizure fighting properties but the list of a ways a hemp extract can help you is quickly growing.  Let’s start with Intent CBD’s core mission: to support your body’s natural ability Relax, Recover, and Rest.

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Overthinking can be a source of discontent for people in all aspects of life.  Work productivity, relationship health, and lifespan can all be negatively affected by even mild anxiety1.  Constant stimulation via smartphone is definitely not an aid to slowing down your thoughts and effectively handling negative emotions.

The effects of CBD (cannabidiol) on anxiety, an ingredient in our Hemp Extract, can’t be overlooked.  Studies show that “using animal models of anxiety and involving healthy volunteers clearly suggest an anxiolytic-like (anti-anxiety) effect of CBD. Moreover, CBD was shown to reduce anxiety in patients with social anxiety disorder2.”  Feedback from our customers echoes the science; they feel more relaxed after utilizing Hemp Extract.

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Athletes are starting to take advantage the anti-inflammatory and post workout benefits of Hemp Extract.  The science shows that CBD in our Hemp Extract “…exerts anti-inflammatory effects in various disease models and alleviates pain and spasticity3…”

By taking advantage of the recovery aiding benefits of hemp extract, you’ll be able to hit it hard again tomorrow whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting a workout routine.


In a world filled with caffeinated options on every corner and in every grocery store, the ability of people to relax is diminishing.  It’s easy to think that “one more coffee” or “one more pull off my Juul” won’t negatively impact your sleep.  News flash: it almost certainly will.  Did you know that as many as 35% of adults complain of experiencing insomnia4?  Of course, not all insomnia can be traced back to caffeine, nicotine, or other stimulant over-use but it does not seem like a stretch to think they play a role in this epidemic.

Reducing stimulant use is an obvious first step to take when combatting insomnia but science points to the ingredients in our Hemp Extract Supplement as a tool that may help with the regulation of your sleep5.  Our customers do not report any negative side effects like feeling drowsy or groggy; only that they awake feeling better rested and ready to take on the day.


Supporting your body’s natural ability to relax, recover, and rest is our core mission.  Our Hemp Extract can’t do it all for you but it’s a great tool to have available.  In the media (and even this article) we reference both Hemp Extract and CBD.  For more information about the differences, be sure to check out our article The Difference Between Hemp Extract and CBD Oil.


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